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Producing and delivering quality Partridge and Pheasant for our own shoots as well as other shoots across southern England since 2009.

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Our Hatchery

We provide day-old chicks from our hatchery to both our own and client rearing fields. Our Pheasant and Red-legged Partridge layers are carefully selected and over-wintered in closed flocks. Utilising biosecurity best practices, we keep our birds safe from contagious diseases, parasites, and pests to give your poults the best possible start in life and maximise your rearing returns.

We set to order and on hatch day deliver good healthy chicks to client rearing fields across southern England.

Our Rearing Fields

Based in North Hampshire, we deliver poults across southern England. Both Pheasant and Partridge poults are produced to order from our over-wintered laying stock.

We specialise in Polish (Byzanty), a strong, medium/large sized bird, which is well proven in the UK as being a firm favourite with both Guns and Keepers alike. This Polish strain offers challenging sport for your Guns, adding spark on shooting days with their excellent flying ability. The strain is also known to hold well and is therefore an ideal choice, it is manageable, providing good sport and good returns. Specific strains of Pheasant are reared to order, for which we purchase eggs (subject to availability).

We also rear many Red-legged Partridge for both client shoots and our own Farleigh Wallop and Steventon shoots.

Meeting Client Demands

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