COVID-19 exemption for shooting granted in England

Like some other team sports, the 'rule of six' restrictions brought in on 14 September 2020 in England by the government does not apply to game shooting. This exemption will allow shooting to operate under COVID-safe guidance without restricting team size.

Safe Shooting

Yes … of course we shall have a shoot briefing prior to shooting and all of the usual safety checks will be undertaken regards shooting experience, shot gun license, etc. However, this year we have also been very busy undertaking many “extraordinary” works to ensure that a day at the Steventon Shoot is safe for all with respect to Covid 19. In order to facilitate safe shooting in this wider sense, we have instigated works to provide the necessary environment and systems of work for the safety of all. We have been working hard to position our Steventon Shoot to provide you, our Guns, with multiple safe options for your shooting day(s).

We believe that our shoot day arrangements/protocols enable us to comply with the most recent Government guidelines surrounding Covid 19 in so far as they apply to game shooting - Correct as at 10th September 2020. Should you have any specific questions/requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shoot Day Guidance/Organisation

All attendees guns/staff will be provided with:

  1. Shoot day guidance notes;
  2. Shoot day protocol(s).

Together these documents detail those personal precautions and responsibilities required by all attendees and those organisational systems designed for mutual safety. These comprehensive details will be provided with the Shoot Information Pack.

Brief Overview

Please do not attend if you or someone you live with have any of the following symptoms:

  1. A temperature greater than or equal to 37.8oC or
  2. A new, continuous cough or
  3. A loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste.
  4. Temperature checks will be undertaken upon arrival.
  5. Track and Trace Register (name and contact number) in operation.
  6. Adhere to social distancing protocols as applicable.
  7. Use of personal protective measures as necessary i.e. face masks/hand sanitisers, minimise physical contacts as necessary.


We are able to provide safe reception areas on arrival for the shoot briefing over coffee (single use disposable cups) i.e. sufficient spacing for social distancing as required and face masks/sanitisers for those having forgetful/busy moments!

Whilst this year we understand that some teams may wish to “shoot through” and “skip” the shoot lunch altogether, we have undertaken the necessary works to ensure that our normal level of hospitality can be provided in a safe fashion and in compliance with social distancing and safe working practices, so please do stay and enjoy the “whole day” as usual!


We wish to provide our shooting guests with multiple options and so we have “commissioned” further gun buses; you are therefore able to utilise our gun buses which are highly hospitable/social whilst accommodating social distancing or alternatively those wishing to utilise personal “4 x 4s” may do so.

In-field protocols are very straightforward and are detailed in the Shoot Information Pack(s), we will also advise during the shoot briefing.

We are able to assure our guns that we have been very busy this year not only with the normal annual preparations for the shooting season but also making provision to comply with the requirements of personal safety due to Covid 19. It is with confidence, therefore, that we can extend a most welcome invitation to our guests/guns to join us for a day in the field enjoying the sport we all love.

Due to these arrangements you will notice a few differences this season, however your shoot day in general terms will be much the same as usual.